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"The market will favor those countries and their economies that credibly manifest their sustainability strategy, manage it holistically, and focus on the big picture. We support the economy and politics on this path. Economic, ecological and social excellence at all levels for sustainable development must be the goal."

Markus Bürger PhD., Chairman of the Board - Austrian Center for Sustainability -

who we are

The Austrian Center for Sustainability is independent as a non-profit organization and based on the global sustainability goals of the United Nations (UN). Our overriding task is to make sustainability an important public and corporate concern. From Vienna and Linz, we work and operate with our international network of experts throughout Austria and in other European countries.

The Austrian Center for Sustainability has established the first competence center, think tank and hub for economic, ecological and social sustainability in Austria and Europe. We offer all sustainability competencies under one roof and are implementing partners of the economy, public and private institutions as well as an interface to politics.

what we do

We inspire managers and support companies, organizations and institutions in a holistic way with projects and solutions on the road to sustainability. We implement projects in the field of sustainability and develop solutions for sustainable economic management in the sense of an eco-social market economy. We combine management, sustainability and communication experts with decision-makers from companies, institutions and politics in order to work together on future issues for Austria's society and business Location.

how we do this

A holistic approach is at the center of our work. Regular research projects and close cooperation with national and international institutions, authorities, companies and experts ensure that current trends and methods, as well as new innovative business models for sustainable management are recognized and applied at an early stage, with an economic, environmental and societal policy objective become. We develop strategies, business models and holistic solutions for a sustainable economy and management for companies and organizations.

Our Team & People

Dedicated people with depth, vision and many years of experience. We work closely together with our international network of specialists and decision-makers from industry, academia and civil society. With politics, we conduct a constructive dialogue.