sustainability-services & management

We develop comprehensive solutions for companies for sustainable management. It is important to find the ideal balance between economic, ecological and social aspects. This balance contributes significantly to the competitiveness and stability of the market.

Benefit from our many years of experience with international companies and organizations!

  • We develop solutions for sustainable management with a holistic and interdisciplinary approach
  • We assist companies in the preparation, planning, implementation and evaluation of their sustainability strategies
  • We support the implementation of sustainability in your business activities and processes and develop innovative solutions

The aim is to realize practical problem solutions

  1. Implementation-oriented consulting and individual operational solutions
  2. Fact check and evaluation
  3. Implementation and needs-based support
  4. Implementation of the principle of sustainability in strategic considerations, goals, plans, activities and measures.
  5. Definition and development of your individual sustainability strategy
  6. Transformation of business models into sustainable models
  7. Establishment of sustainability management and teams (internal / external)
  8. Definition of key figures for measuring and continuously improving the effect of success
  9. Conducting internal audits and evaluations
  10. Introduction of integrated reporting, reporting and controlling
  11. Communication strategy for the implementation of their sustainability activities
  12. interim management
  13. Sustainability as an integral part of the corporate philosophy, culture and organization